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Resources & Scholarships

LevelUp RN 

Level Up RN flash cards are a great tool for nursing school. These cards have all the important information you need to know for nursing school exams! They also have youtube videos you can follow along with. We LOVE Level Up RN Flashcards for all subjects.

Level Up RN on YouTube

Level Up RN Flash Cards

Simple Nursing 
Registered Nurse RN 

Seriously, I feel like Nurse Sarah is the mascot of nursing school. I consider Nurse Sarah to be my professor and mentor. Her videos and quizzes are an absolute MUST for nursing school and NCLEX. Do yourself a favor, and follow her! 

Registered Nurse RN YouTube

Registered Nurse RN website 

Nexus Nursing 

Simple Nursing Nurse Mike is one of our favorite YouTube professors. He is funny, witty, and super-duper smart. He breaks down complex subjects into easily digested information that helps a nursing student better understand. Simple Nursing is an excellent resource for all of our nursing school subjects! We LOVE you nurse Mike!  


SimpleNursing YouTube 

SimpleNursing Website

You want to get straight to the point and need a girl boss to get you going? Professor D is your girl. She has the most updated information on the NGN NCLEX, and she also does Live Reviews. She is BIG on Delegation & Priority questions... which makes sense because that makes up like 50% of the NCLEX. I always listen to Professor D the night before an exam and I am never disappointed. 

Nexus Nursing YouTube 

Nexus Nursing Institute

A Nurse in the Making 

I am convinced that Kristine with Nurse in the Making was put on this earth to be a nurse educator. She has created the cutest and most amazing resources for nursing students. Kristine has study guides, flashcards, nursing school planners, and even badge cards! Oh, and did I mention that she also has YouTube? Follow her on all socials! 

Nurse In The Making YouTube 

Nurse In The Making Website

I have been told by almost all of my nursing friends that Uworld is the only way they were able to pass the NCLEX on the first try. Uworld is the BEST resource for NCLEX prep. And they even offer resources for the New Generation NCLEX. Learn where your strengths and weaknesses lay with NCLEX, read the rationales, and practice daily, and you will be set. 


Khan Academy 

Whenever there is a subject or concept in nursing school that confuses or intimidates me, The first resource I turn to is Khan Academy. I have been using Khan academy to educate myself for alomst a decade. Khan Academy is how I learned chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, pathophysiology, math, med math, pharmacology, and even finance. Khan Academy is an essential educational resource for all students. Utilize Khan, and help share their fantastic content. 

Khan Academy Website

Khan Academy YouTube

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