About Us

Our Reason For Being

We, students of nursing, preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, as well as those nurses enrolled in baccalaureate completion programs, believe there is a
common need to organize, properly represent ourselves to the consumer and other health disciplines, and assume our rightful place in the profession of nursing.

We believe every citizen has a right to the highest quality of health care.
We believe in the development of the whole person toward their professional role with its rights, responsibilities and ideals.

We believe every right bears inherent responsibility.

We believe responsibilities are participatory, not purely philosophical or ideological, and We believe the quality and quantity of participation are not exclusive, but bear the responsibility of participation.


Meet The Team


Nikole Taylor 


Hi Nevada nursing students, my name is Nikole Taylor.

I’m currently in my last semester of nursing school at UNLV in Las Vegas. I’m so excited and honored to serve as your 2022-2023 Nevada Nursing Student Association President. I’m excited to see you all grow from nursing students to future registered nurses and so glad YOU are here. I’m here to serve, encourage, and support you in your nursing journey with events, workshops, or resources to equip you. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time through email, text, social media because I am here for you to ensure you have the opportunities to succeed in your nursing journey in perspective universities/colleges.

I wish you all the best in your semester!

My Role in the NVNSA:
I’m here to serve the SNA chapters in Nevada but only to support and empower you in anywhere I can. I’m so thankful to work a board of ladies who share the qualities to serve and support our SNA chapters to grow and assist them in that growth in any capacity. This year the board and I have many great plans to improve the involvement and participation in Nevada nursing students! 

My Aspirations:

By the end of my term as president, I will be ready to enter my career as a new nurse, and I will use my experience in this role to grow as a future nurse leader. 

How NVNSA has helped me: 
The communication between the NVNSA board and SNA chapters in Nevada is open and accessible. Ultimately, I’m excited to see how the planned events help grow the passion of nursing students to be proud of their decisions to be a nurse. I see a direct correlation between my role in the NVNSA and how it will help me reach my goals.


Alessandra Baldono


Hi, I’m Alessandra Baldono, and I serve as Treasurer for NVNSA.

My Role in the NVNSA:

As Treasurer, I work to organize NVNSA’s funds and see that an annual financial report is prepared and maintain accurate entries of acquisitions and disbursements of organization funds.

In this role, I have grown to develop a variety of skills, such as effective communication, particular attention to detail, and efficient time management.

My Aspirations:

As a future nurse, I aspire to work in the acute care setting, such as in the IMC or ICU.

How NVNSA has Helped me: 

Being on the Board of Directors for NVNSA as Treasurer has truly allowed me represent and influence the future of nursing by contributing to nursing education with the goal of implementing the highest quality of care.


Lidia Geberslassie

Breakthrough Of Nursing &

Community Outreach Director

Why Nursing: I LOVE being in service, especially to those underrepresented! I chose nursing because it complements my character: advocate, multitasker, critical thinker, and empathy for patients going through their most challenging times in life. I consider myself blessed to be a part of the amazing field of nursing!


Megan Herbst

Northern Regional Director

Why nursing?: Nursing is more than a job; I believe I am meant for it. Nursing is more than just caring for patients. I enjoy building bonds with people, helping them recover, and ultimately discharging them from a facility in better condition than they arrived in. There is no better feeling than the sensation that comes from knowing you can comfort, motivate, and advise a stranger in their time of need. I cannot wait to make an impact on this world.


Michelle Moriarty

Vice President 

As Vice President my duties are mainly supporting the President and team in organizing and accomplishing goals.

I have learned a lot from Nikole about how

predictability and routine build a great foundation for leadership. I plan to foster a similar culture of support and reliability wherever I go so that I can experience the same upward trajectory.

My Aspirations:

 I am still searching for the right 'fit' for specialty. I know that I want to get an advanced nursing degree and I am most interested in CRNA school.

Whatever I do, I know that I will be doing it because I am passionate about it!


How the NVNSA has helped me: 

Being part of the NVSNA has really inspired me to connect with people in all areas of nursing. Nursing is so much bigger than what we get to see in nursing school

and there are so many wonderful people who are excited to share how they found what they love. I believe that the NVSNA has been a great motivator throughout nursing school because I am always in good company, and I am always learning new tools to be a better nurse.


Marielle Cuenca


Hello! I am Marielle Cuenca and I am the NVNSA Secretary.

My Role in the NVNSA:

As Secretary, I take note of our meeting minutes, facilitate voting for motions, track membership, etc. for our wonderful board.

What I have learned from the NVNSA: 

I have grown so much in this role in terms of time management, leadership, confidence, communication, and networking.

My aspirations:

are to become a critical care nurse, do travel nursing, then eventually come back home to Nevada to get my MSN of Nursing Education and help out the community here in terms of healthcare and education.


How NVNSA has helped me: 

My NVNSA experience is helping me reach my goals by testing my leadership skills and confidence and connecting me with fellow students, teachers, nurses, and etc. through networking.


Kate Katigbak

Southern Regional Director

Why nursing?: I’m choosing nursing because this field is so rewarding and stimulating! The work is so versatile and becoming capable enough to be able to help those in need is unlike any other job. I have a lot of healthcare influence from family that has cultivated my love for this type of care, especially my grandmother who I am named after, who was also a nurse! I greatly look forward to being able to leave an impact in people’s life in a time where they need support the most.

AAHS Color14_edited.jpg

Alyssa Anderson 

Communications Director 

Why nursing?: There are many reasons why I want to be a nurse. The first being, because it is more than just a career. It is a manner of thinking, a way of life, and a culture. I want to be a nurse because I want to help people and be an advocate for them during their most vulnerable times. I want to be a role model for future nurses and young women in my life, who also want to change the world by acts of compassion. I want to work with like-minded people, who are educated and experts in their field, and who are not afraid to stand up for what’s right. I want to be a nurse because I believe we can do better as a society, and having strong female leaders in this field is a step in the right direction.

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