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Meet the 2024-2025 Candidates

Vacant Positions

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Breakthrough to Nursing Director

  • State Consultant

"Run from the Floor" Candidates: Individuals who are interested in running for a position on the 2024-2025 NVNSA Board of Directors will be able to run for positions that are vacant after the deadline of May 31, 2024 at 08.59 AM. Individuals must physically present (virtual or in-person) at the time of open elections, be nominated by a colleague and seconded to be approved to run. Keep in mind, individuals interested in running must still require good standing with NSNA, be official members of NSNA and have at least 6 months left of their nursing education program. Once approved, individuals will be required to present a 2-3 minute speech. From there, individuals will be written in as candidates into the vacant 2024-2025 NVNSA positions.

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