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We are all in this together...

We believe that all Nevada Nursing students are part of one big team. 

Regardless of what school you attend, we all have one common goal- to help people.

Nursing is more than just a career. It is a manner of thinking, a way of life, a culture, and passion.

We believe that a successful nurses don't just have tenure under their belts, but they have heart, courage, and stamina to face new situations every day, advocate for their patients, and to not be afraid to continue to learn until the day they retire.

We believe nurses are leaders in the community and that we have to ability to change healthcare, racial discrimination, gender bias and other social norms for the better.

The NVNSA is our resource to connect nursing students and the next generation of nurses all across our vast state. We are the future of healthcare in Nevada.

We are strong. We are leaders. We are one. 

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Upcoming Events 

Work of Heart

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

7:00 pm via Zoom

Nevada Nurses Foundation & Nevada Nurses Association 
National Student Nurses Association 
 Scholarship Information

Check out some Scholarship resources for information on upcoming scholarships.

Need some Guidance on how to successfully fill out a scholarship application? 

Refer to these resources for information on making your application competitive and heart felt.

Student Resources 

We have collaborated on our favorite nursing school resources. Here are our favorites! 

Get Involved 

Interested in joining the NVNSA?

Or maybe participating in your school's SNA?

Or maybe even starting your own SNA?!

Joining an SNA is great for many reasons. Check out this article for more on this topic. 

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