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Breakthrough to Nursing 

The Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) Project monthly award is to encourage students to participate in service projects in their schools and in the community. These awards are in addition to the traditional BTN Awards presented at the Annual Convention. The BTN Committee's goal is to increase BTN involvement as well as to increase social media to promote BTN.
January 2023 BTN Theme: "The Long Winter" 

Sometimes the best thing you can do to prevent nurse burnout is simply show appreciation for our nurses!

Don't forget to send your sweets to your sweet nurses!

October  2022 BTN Theme: "Who Are We?"

This month is dedicated to our nurses in the health field-especially minorities! We asked many aspiring nurses in our communities to participate by taking pictures with our "Future____ Nurse " frame. 

NVNSA captured photos of nursing students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, who aspire to encourage diversity in the upcoming future generations of Nevada Nurses. 

Please enjoy these photos of these future nurses and our board of Directors! 

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